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Over the past 40 years of collecting images, programs and anything relating to the game of hockey Doug McLatchy – “Mr. Hockey -The Hockey Historian”- has amassed a huge hockey collection. His experiences and friendships with those involved in hockey, have given him a unique understanding of the sport… from the first game played to today’s superstars. It has also showed him that there is a massive void in the available information about and available photos of the incredibly rich history of hockey. There are bits & pieces of information and photos, but not all in one place, as you find information in most other professional sports.

Much of the information, photos and archives are in the hands of private collectors, and many of the older items have been lost through the ravages of time. Doug has made it his passion to restore & collect hockey prints, negatives, transparencies and slides of many of the great photographs of all time, by scanning, restoring and archiving them for future generations.

The center piece of this site is the most comprehensive, state of the art hockey data base ever constructed. Housed within this data base are stats, bios, photos, programs, media guides, team photos & thousands of collectables. In a partnership with the family of legendary sports photographer Harold Barkley, the Complete History of Hockey web site was created to allow the world to enjoy, and learn about the game we love.

Initially the Complete History of Hockey has over 22,000 different hockey photos with images and statistics of 95% of all the players that ever played in the NHL, WHA, PCHL, WHL, NHA, WCHL. We are working on cleaning digitizing & colour correcting over 100,000 more images, which will then be in the collection. If something is not available for purchase initially, then you can request the player & we will do our best to supply it. This is a great tool for research as well as a gold mine for hockey photo collectors.

This has been Doug’s passion, as was capturing the game of hockey for Harold Barkley. CHH is delighted to share with every fan , player & organization. This is a life’s work & we would like to thank all those that have helped with this.

Enjoy and we would love to hear from you!